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NiiCa is a total Technology Solutions Delivery Company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At NiiCa all our software development goes through carefully designed Quality Assurance processes which is performed by our Business Analyst professionals.
At Niica we:
• Deliver your projects on time with awesome features and high quality standards on the software application produced.
•  Competitive prices for software development outsourcing, save between 25% to 50% in total software development costs.
•  Free your time, have peace of mind with a guaranteed software development outsourcing backed up by NiiCa Canada Ltd. in  Canada and offshore software development groups.
•  Easily Manage and Control projects progress, deadlines, features and deliverables.

We are specialized Microsoft .Net Framework developers with special emphasis on Visual C#.NET and VB.NET. Our experience with Microsoft's older technologies give NiiCa a higher leverage over our competitors. We have superior and world class graphics artists, animators and game designer with decades of experience.

"We Work As A Team"
Guaranteed Success

Fixed Budgeted Project: any kind of application you need, we can develop it, outsource all or specific pieces of your software development. We can integrate your in-house custom software products, any current development, update any part of the system, enhance specific areas, add new features, etc.

Software Support & Solutions Delivery: outsource any kind of software development support and maintenance with Niica canada Ltd. We provide full support for your legacy systems through application reengineering and knowledge transfers.

Experienced Software Development Team: to match with your current development team and/or projects. Contract Full time developers (for the time you need that position: A software engineer works with you for 40 hours a week, 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday, 12 months a year, or in a telecommuting position.

  •  .NET framework
  •  C#, VB
  • Advanced ASP.NET
  • Ajax .NET
  • Silverlight
  • ITIL V3 Methodology
  • Joomla CMS - PHP
  • AgilQuest OnBoard Hotelling development
  • Web services, SOAP
  • LDAP and Active Directory management
  • SQLServer 2005 & 2008 Mobile
  •  Application Development
  • Multi Media development
  • Business Knowledge Transfer
  • WordPress CMS - PHP
  • AgilQuest OnBoard Hotelling Support